Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me music and I

The genre of music that I like is goth, darkwave, metal and some aspects of punk. However, I will give a listen to  various styles at least once.

I have an eclectic selection of music in my playlist, I choose what to listen to based on my mood and the general atmosphere I am in at the time.

Music is food for the soul that' s my philisophical analysis.

Melodies, lyrics, creativity and the overall song is what I look for when finding music to put into my collection.

Even foreign music specifically German and Finnish, where I don't speak the language, but the melody of the song is beautiful to me.

Its important to keep an open mind to different concepts of music, we all see and hear different qualities or flaws in the music. Tastes can develop when listening to a tune or melody that you never heard before, this is my term.

To name a few songs/ bands I listen to and are in my playlist: Blutengle, ty baxter hey pretty thing, Birthday Massacre, jonne aaron, Jesus on Extasy, and many others. 

I am always eager to find new music.