Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Life with a trucker

I am living the trucker lifestyle with a guy who I have known for many years and for the past year and half, it has developed into a lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, picture this: being away from home for the most part of your time, sleeping/ showering in truck stops, driving in all types of weather where it can change on you in the blink of an eye, seeing a myriad of states and provinces (USA and Canada), no boss to harass you about dress code. The most important to me is the routine " playing house after coming back from a dead end job" everyday is literally a thing of the past.

Most people would not be able to just jump into such a life on a whim, as they would probably find it a huge possibly overwhelming change.

As for me I dive into shit since I positioned myself to undergo such a life.

My experience on the road made me learn a lot, like walmart becoming my best friend for all my beauty needs, yes got lots of that. If you are a Sephora type chick, you may want to re- consider.

Also, seeing cars or 4 wheelers do stupid shit on the road is hilarious. Does anyone know Chicago traffic? Well one dumb fuck decided he owns the road and cut off a semi by stopping in the middle of the interstate. I know, he got his license out of a toilet, dried it up in the sun and drove his car out. Well, cop saw him, bet his wallet took a deep shit.

Then you get truckers on the CB radio selling laptops for cheap pennies. Ok, first that shit's gonna get your ass in more deep shit, that's gonna stink, I say to that smarten up and go back to surfing porn.

Now, for you conservatives, here's what else you could see in truck stops: old timers wanking off their dicks with curtains open! Man charge some dollars for the show or close up shop.

I am hoping this will be entertaining for you, stay tuned for more of Kissra trucking adventures.

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