Sunday, 4 June 2017

Birds Eye View of Trucking

This blog will be about my trucking trips and what it takes to do in a full cycle; as seen through the eyes of a passenger.
My boyfriend and I are on the road most of the time and both of us learned a great deal during this time.

Our destinations are mainly USA, we do some Canada runs from time to time as well.

This blog will include photos of the food we buy to stock the fridge, (which is small and can only hold a certain amount of food).

Most of the food we get is from Walmart; simple things, nothing that needs real cooking as time is short. We generally have about 10hrs off time when we shut down at the end of our day. There is a 30min break but that's usually a quick lunch/ fuel stop en route.

Also, the truck stops where we park for the night, restaurants they have, and more. The bunks where we sleep.

I will also brush up on a few trucking related topics like e-log, (logging the work) and scaling the load. Keep in mind I am not familiar with technical aspects of the truck itself so I will focus on the stuff I know.

If I were to summarize life on the road in a truck, there are goods and bads like any job, the only difference is there is no boss looking over your shoulder.

Hopefully this will provide a birds eye view of a truck travel.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me music and I

The genre of music that I like is goth, darkwave, metal and some aspects of punk. However, I will give a listen to  various styles at least once.

I have an eclectic selection of music in my playlist, I choose what to listen to based on my mood and the general atmosphere I am in at the time.

Music is food for the soul that' s my philisophical analysis.

Melodies, lyrics, creativity and the overall song is what I look for when finding music to put into my collection.

Even foreign music specifically German and Finnish, where I don't speak the language, but the melody of the song is beautiful to me.

Its important to keep an open mind to different concepts of music, we all see and hear different qualities or flaws in the music. Tastes can develop when listening to a tune or melody that you never heard before, this is my term.

To name a few songs/ bands I listen to and are in my playlist: Blutengle, ty baxter hey pretty thing, Birthday Massacre, jonne aaron, Jesus on Extasy, and many others. 

I am always eager to find new music.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Goals or Fantasies

Unattainable goals/ dreams we all have them. We base these dreams on what our eyes see, from media to friends. Daily influences in life shape our reality. Of course there is the famous saying, " you always want what you can't have, or what someone else has".

A person can have the fantasy of becoming a famous artist, they work away at it, sometimes it works other times their efforts are futile and lead to nothing.

Its important to distinguish what is a realistic goal and one that is a dream.

In order to achieve a balanced perspective in life, one has to accept the situation​, position they are in to be in the vicinity of happy.

My philosophy is stop copying and start living. Realize what can be a hobby and what can be realistic.

Trickery and deceit are everywhere one just has to read between the lines to see it. I've learned that nothing in this world is done today without a reason. Try to make the best of your situation and do the work that will put you on the road to suceed.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Life with a trucker

I am living the trucker lifestyle with a guy who I have known for many years and for the past year and half, it has developed into a lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, picture this: being away from home for the most part of your time, sleeping/ showering in truck stops, driving in all types of weather where it can change on you in the blink of an eye, seeing a myriad of states and provinces (USA and Canada), no boss to harass you about dress code. The most important to me is the routine " playing house after coming back from a dead end job" everyday is literally a thing of the past.

Most people would not be able to just jump into such a life on a whim, as they would probably find it a huge possibly overwhelming change.

As for me I dive into shit since I positioned myself to undergo such a life.

My experience on the road made me learn a lot, like walmart becoming my best friend for all my beauty needs, yes got lots of that. If you are a Sephora type chick, you may want to re- consider.

Also, seeing cars or 4 wheelers do stupid shit on the road is hilarious. Does anyone know Chicago traffic? Well one dumb fuck decided he owns the road and cut off a semi by stopping in the middle of the interstate. I know, he got his license out of a toilet, dried it up in the sun and drove his car out. Well, cop saw him, bet his wallet took a deep shit.

Then you get truckers on the CB radio selling laptops for cheap pennies. Ok, first that shit's gonna get your ass in more deep shit, that's gonna stink, I say to that smarten up and go back to surfing porn.

Now, for you conservatives, here's what else you could see in truck stops: old timers wanking off their dicks with curtains open! Man charge some dollars for the show or close up shop.

I am hoping this will be entertaining for you, stay tuned for more of Kissra trucking adventures.