Sunday, 4 June 2017

Birds Eye View of Trucking

This blog will be about my trucking trips and what it takes to do in a full cycle; as seen through the eyes of a passenger.
My boyfriend and I are on the road most of the time and both of us learned a great deal during this time.

Our destinations are mainly USA, we do some Canada runs from time to time as well.

This blog will include photos of the food we buy to stock the fridge, (which is small and can only hold a certain amount of food).

Most of the food we get is from Walmart; simple things, nothing that needs real cooking as time is short. We generally have about 10hrs off time when we shut down at the end of our day. There is a 30min break but that's usually a quick lunch/ fuel stop en route.

Also, the truck stops where we park for the night, restaurants they have, and more. The bunks where we sleep.

I will also brush up on a few trucking related topics like e-log, (logging the work) and scaling the load. Keep in mind I am not familiar with technical aspects of the truck itself so I will focus on the stuff I know.

If I were to summarize life on the road in a truck, there are goods and bads like any job, the only difference is there is no boss looking over your shoulder.

Hopefully this will provide a birds eye view of a truck travel.

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