Saturday, 4 July 2015

If you want to tell me about you

When you send me your verified picture and if you choose to tell me more about you; I want facts and nothing about your personality because people exaggerate their personalities and only with time I will get to know who you are from our interaction. You could define your personality as you like but over time I might think otherwise. It is for that reason I ignore all emails if you start describing yourself or your personalty to me; let me be the judge of that when we interact over time.

Here is the “minimum" factual information I look for if you choose to provide it:
Example: lets say your name is Mr. Joe Blow :)
Hi Kissra, I attached my verified picture. My real first name is Joe, I'm single, 40 years old and I live in Huston Texas. I live in an apartment I share with another room mate. I am currently single and divorced with 2 kids; my son is 13 years old and my daughter is 17 years and both live with their mother. I work part time at a local grocery store and I don't have a car. I use my mountain bike for transportation and I love video games. I saw your profile on Google+ and I think you are beautiful :) and hope we can be friends....bla bla bla
The above example is what I look for and consider informative email that tells me “facts” about you. Then when we chat I can find out what you are like and your personality...etc.

btw, the above info is from a real fan! He contacted me with the above info. We chatted and with time, I met him and we are now good friends!


The below example is what I consider anonymous that does not provide information about you. The below example also similar to the million emails I get from people all around the world and I ignore because it's impossible to respond to them due to the sheer number

Hi, I'm PowerDude69 on yahoo. I love your pictures bla bla bla. I am 30 years old from Europe. I am Dominant and have lots of experience in the fetish bla bla. you can see my profile here (some link to vague unverified info) and I got lots of pictures of me if you want me to send them to you just let me know (I don't have time to ask anons due to sheer number). I will respect your limits bla bla...If you want to know about me reply bla bla
I'm waiting to hear from you, ask me anything you like. If you send me a reply, we can connect


Unless you tell me your real first name, age, relationship status, country/state/city you live in, live alone or with someone, type of work you do, if you have a car or not, kids and how old and if they live with you or not and send me your verified picture; I will ignore your email because I get lots of them. Remember, what I look for in your first contact to me is factual information. I don't want to know anything about your likes, who you are as a person and what you like to do for fun...etc. If we connect I will ask you directly and then you can tell me these things.

If you don't spend the time to read my web site and blogs to learn about me and know what to say to me in an email I will not have the time to respond to you ;) After-all, I am not a paid model and I do this for pure fun so I have no interests in entertaining you or cam with you just to find out about you

I get lots of people who do read my site and send me their verified pictures and factual information about them so I correspond with them and not anons

P.S. If you choose not to send me your verified picture then there is a high chance I will not believe what you tell me and I will ignore you. I am sorry but the Internet is full of fakes and creeps!