Saturday, 4 July 2015

Call girl and Escort services

I have incredibly liberal views about life and how to live it. I am blessed with incredible close friends from different backgrounds and races and I consider myself lucky to know such pure souls who genuinely care. I think today's generation(s) friendships are based on benefit and not a genuine relationship.

I allow people to use my media to promote their sites and because of that you will see me or my content listed on all kind of mediums/web sites/amateur-magazines...etc. It does not mean I am that! I say this in my blogs.

Although I have "one" sugar daddy, try to guess who;) I do not do or promote escort services and I do not work in clubs or strip at venues...etc. However, when I am with my close friends our parties do go wild ;)

If you want to know about me then visit my web site Read my web site and blogs but never what I post on social media because its all bull-shit ;)

Hope this answer some of the many of you who ask about my online content. If you want to know which social media I use to interact with me, then find it on my web site ;)