Saturday, 25 July 2015

Avoid saying similar lines to the below when you message me

Avoid saying similar lines to the below in a chat; get to the point as quickly as possible! I get many people chatting with me and believe it or not, going through the introductions and pleasantries every time I chat with someone takes a lot of time back and forth and makes it impossible “time wise” to accommodate the “many” when chatting. So when possible get to the point right away and say whats on your mind whether its sex play you are after or a question you want to ask...etc. I will tell you if I am interested or I will decline politely so we don't waste each other time. If your chat is similar to the below lines there is a big chance I will ignore and delete your message because its physically impossible for me to accommodate the millions of people saying similar to the below points. So now you know ;)
  • Hello / how are you doing / whats up / hey / what you up to.....etc (avoid pleasantries and formalities or asking general questions when possible so we don't play the “hello how, how are you/ I'm fine, not much happening” tag. I get million people chatting with me and after a while of saying “I'm good thanks and how are you doing...not much going” it gets boring lol)

  • Did you look at my pictures? (I get million messages like that and its physically impossible for me to look at every ones pictures or videos so I don't do that)

  • Do you like my cock? (again same as above point)

  • I'm bored can you help me? (I'm not a paid model and I have no interest in entertaining you or catering to your fantasies. If you want me to respond to you then read my web site carefully so you know what I like and formulate your message in a way to grab my attention)

  • Don't ask me things I already answered on my web site. You will just prove to me that you don't give a shit and too lazy to spend time and learn about me and I will be same and not care to waste my time responding to you!

  • Don't write me novels about foreplay and what you will do to me if you were with me. I am not into this distant cyber-romance. In real life I like courtesy, romance and foreplay but not online. So as you guessed; I am not into getting each other off with text-chat, web cam or phone sex/sexting...etc. If I'm horny and want to play I will call up a close friend I know real well and fuck his brains out!!! I will never go online and do this cyber getting off bullshit stuff so don't ask me to do that (cam models can entertain your fantasies because they are after money or verified amateurs on porn sites might do it to get likes and hits because they get paid by the traffic they bring in. I am not paid and I do it for fun so I have no interests in catering to your fantasies unless what you like is inline with what I'm into)

  • Don't compare me to other models and what they do and what they like. Remember, I'm not a paid model! I have my own rules that are different from others you see online. I have no interests in entertaining you or catering to your fantasies. I am not after hits, traffic or getting likes to my videos. I am online because I like it and its fun for me when connecting with people who have similar interests as mine and I will only respond to messages that are inline with my fetishes that “I” am into {read my web site  if you want to learn about them} ;)

  •  Avoid abbreviations! I don't like them and if I don't get it I will not ask you what they mean 

  •  Don't type like a 2 year old. Check your spelling and grammar! I'm not looking for perfect English (mine is far from perfect) but I do look for legible messages

  •  Are you horny? (If I am horny I will be online on my porn accounts {AND NO WHERE ELSE!!!} so if you see me there knock yourself out and send me a message on there)

  • If you don't send me a verified picture of your face don't be surprised if I don't believe what you tell me. The Internet is full of fakes and the only way for you to earn credibility is by verifying yourself to me!

  • Don't be too sensitive. You might be used to chatting with paid cam models who will cater to your personality and let you hear what you like. I on the other hand am not them and I will speak my mind! I am very polite and courteous in general but sometimes I have low tolerance to rudeness or opinionated people with expectations. (if you chat with me, be prepared to get my responses without sugar coating)
NOTE: If you like to read more about what I look for when fans contact me, then read here ^_^

Keep on perving ^_^