Monday, 30 March 2015

Made by anon!

I got an email from an anonymous fan who made a video of me using existing content found on the internet. His/her anonymous email was very short and read “If I could have one wish it would be you”. I get 100's of emails a week and they all go to my spam filter. However, this email was in my inbox. I am not an expert on how spam filters work but I am guessing this email address was not used often and/or was not reported as spam by other internet users and because of that Google deemed it legit. Regardless, I am happy that it did not go into my spam bin or else I would not have seen it.

The video by itself is ordinary when viewed from the average user. It is rarely I get emails that are meaningful and with substance. Generally I get lots of “general” compliments, lots of sexual, and very few hateful ones; but its extremely rare I get ones like this one! Maybe I am reading too much into it but this 10 words email and video impressed me to the point where I am considering to start glancing briefly into my spam emails to see if there are others like this one I miss every week.

What makes this video special from my point of view is the way it was made!

When I played the video I saw the promotional intro which was done for me by another fan; this showed me that he/she new about it.

The text in the video was taken from my Google+ profile and what I say in my blogs. You will have to read my site and blog to get this text

The pictures taken from my web site and social media. From my point of view I know that this user researched me thoroughly.

I feel like this video is meant for me alone and only I will understand its meaning while other users will see it as an OK nothing special video.

I uploaded the video to my Daily Motion account and flagged it as adult content to make sure it doesn't violate any community guidelines then I shared it on my social media hoping that he/she would see my message.

The world today is full of bigots and jealous people! In less than 24 hours this video was flagged as inappropriate and was removed by Daily Motion. I sent an email to Daily Motion contesting their decision and thankfully in less than 2 hours Daily Motion sent an apology and reinstated my video

I am writing this blog because of the compassion that I feel towards this anonymous user that I know nothing about. He/she took the time to get to know me and I want to say I am taking the time to say thank you! In hopes he/she will see my message.

If you are reading this just know that your 10 words email had more impact than the many complimenting emails I get each month! And I just want to say I really appreciate you taking the time to learn about me, like I said before your message made my heart smile ^_^